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How many investment properties do you own?
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If yes, what has held you back?
Do you intend on purchasing an investment property in the near future?
Do you own any cash or fixed interest assets?
What return would you ideally be seeking interest rate?
What time frames would be suitable investment solution?
Outside of salary and wages would an addition income stream provide greater impact on your lifestyle
I regularly contribute to my super
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I have adequate life, household and car insurances 0 = Strongly Disagree, 10 = Strongly Agree
When building your retirement nest egg, what would you consider to be the safest/most consistent investment product for average Australians?
Have you recently thought about or looked at upskilling yourself through study to increase your wealth? 
Do you negotiate bills down to decrease you costs, for example what discount are you currently getting on your electricity?
Do you have an accountant
Are you owed any money?
Are you being harassed by debt collectors?
Do you have bad/poor credit rating?
If you had your time again making different choices what would you do differently?
Are you satisfied with the accountant
Are you having difficulty collecting the money owed to you?
Do you have bills you're struggling to pay?
Is financial security important to you and your family?
What do you think you need to do to make that happen?
How does your family associate with transport?
Any other issues your facing needing to be resolved that we haven't touched on?
One Draw Per Person
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